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spa comforts shoulder Wrap Seafoam Green & Brown Plush

Product Description

Don’t carry the world on your shoulders, carry this soothing shoulder wrap instead and let your stress, tension, aches and pains melt away. Filled with peppermint and lavender flowers, this shoulder wrap releases moist delicious aromatic warmth. Microwave and use its heat therapy to relax sore, tight muscles, and relieve headaches. Pop in the freezer to chill and let the cold therapy treat sports injuries or just cool you down on hot summer days.

Care and Use Instructions

Warm Use: Microwave in 30 second intervals until optimal temperature is achieved. Test temperature before using; it should feel warm not hot. Never leave unattended in microwave. Maximum heating time not to exceed 2 minutes.

Cold Use: Seal in a plastic bag and leave in freezer for at least 6 hours. Wrap may be left in freezer until needed.

To Wash: Spot clean only. Do not get grain pack wet.

spa comforts shoulder Wrap spa comforts shoulder Wrap
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