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Product Description

Don't carry the world on your shoulders, carry this soothing Shoulder Wrap instead and let your stress, tension, aches and pains melt away. Filled with peppermint and lavender flowers, this Shoulder Wrap releases moist, delicious, aromatic warmth. Microwave and use its heat therapy to relax sore, tight muscles. Pop in the freezer to chill and let the cold therapy treat sports injuries or just cool you down on hot summer days.

Size: 19" X 10"

Heat therapy encourages circulation, and may be used to help ease headaches, muscle tension, stress, or arthritic pain. Cold therapy may be used to help temper headaches and reduce swelling associated with sports injuries.

Care and Use Instructions

Heat therapy: Microwave on a clean plate for 30 seconds. If more heat is required, heat in 30 second increments with 30 seconds standing times in between. Shake the insert between each heating to help distribute the heat more evenly. Do not overheat. Do not leave unattended while heating. Always check the temperature before using. The Shoulder Wrap should feel warm to the touch, not hot. Maximum heating time not exceed 90 seconds.

Cool therapy: Seal in a plastic bag and place in a freezer for several hours before use. May be left in the freezer indefinitely until ready for use.

Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean only. Do not wash. Do not get fill wet.

Use only under adult supervision.

100% Polyester. Contains natural grains and plant herbs.

spa comforts shoulder Wrap spa comforts shoulder Wrap

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