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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘#WhyWaste Campaign’?

‘#WhyWaste Campaign’ is a waste management initiative by PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi that invites ideas and creative content on reducing & reusing plastic by community members. RWAs can collectively participate by registering here. RWA members are to deposit home-generated plastic in the form of eco-bricks at collection point that we will install at preferred location. Deposited eco-bricks will be collected and recycled. The top 5 RWAs with the maximum eco-bricks will receive recycled furniture

Can I participate in the #WhyWaste Campaign?

Yes, we welcome registrations for our #WhyWaste Campaign by school & college students, Resident Welfare Association, and individuals. Register here.

Is there any participation fee for this event?

There is no any participation fee for the event. It is absolutely free for all the participants!

How I can submit my #WhyWaste entry?

You could submit your #WhyWaste entry at this link. In case you face any issues during submission, please write to us at

Till when can I register and submit my #WhyWaste Idea?

Registrations & submissions for #WhyWaste Campaign are open till September 30th , 2020!

Is this an offline event? Will I have to go somewhere for it?

#WhyWaste Campaign is an online event and you are not required to be present anywhere physically.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

Yes, however the name and other details should belong to the participant only.

I haven’t received a confirmation from United Way Delhi upon my registration. What do I do?

Please check the spam folder of your inbox. Alternatively, you could write to us at

Is my registration transferrable?

No, #WhyWaste Campaign’s registrations cannot be transferred.

What are the files types that are supported for submission?

We are accepting submission in formats of pdf, jpeg, png, doc, ppt, .MP4, mov, and M4A.

Can I update or correct the submitted details?

We are sorry, updating or correction of details in submitted entry is not allowed. In case you need to do the same, please write to us at

Can I send more than one #WhyWaste entry?

Yes! You may share as many submissions as you wish to!

Will I receive any prize for participating in the #WhyWaste Campaign?

The 20 best ideas will be awarded with merchandize kits and will feature in campaign video. Apart from the same, every participant will be awarded with an e-certificate for their valuable contribution towards environment sustainability.