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Want to find out more about our DreamTime products? How to use? Where to buy? 

Answer to these and more can be found below.

  • Where can I purchase DreamTime products?
    You can purchase DreamTime products both online and in-stores. In-stores: TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls Online:
  • What are the different ways I can use my Dreamtime product(s)?
    Cold Therapy: Seal in a clean freezer-friendly bag and place in the freezer overnight. Product may be left in the freezer until ready to use. Do not wahs or allow grain fill to get wet. Heat Therapy: Place product in a clean microwave and heat in one minute intervals until desired warmth is achieved. Wrap should feel warm to the touch. ​Always test temperature before using. Never leave unattended in microwave.​Total heat time should not exceed 2 minutes. Aromatherapy: Inhale and exhale deeply.
  • How can I clean my DreamTime product(s)?
    Only a selected few of our products have removable covers to place in the washing machine. These include: Body Wraps, Shoulder Wraps, Neck Rolls, Eye Pillows, Weighted Blankets. To Wash: Remove cover and wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low and remove promptly. Do not wash or allow grain pack to get wet. For the rest, spot clean only. Do not wash or allow grain pack to get wet.
  • Do you test your products on animals?
    We want you to feel good about how we make DreamTime products. You can only do that if you have the facts. The fact is, DreamTime does not conduct animal testing of our products. At DreamTime, we won't ever compromise on the quality or safety of our products or stop seeking alternatives to animal testing. We pride ourselves in being 100% vegan and cruelty-free through and through.
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